Resources, Software and Firmware Downloads for the BraillePens

This page is intended for the use of BraillePen Distributors only. We recommend that you don’t encourage your users to update firmware, although we encourage you to distribute the latest version of BraillePen Write freely to your users.


BraillePen models data sheet

BraillePen Models


BraillePen 12 and Screenreaders

All the current information on connecting the BraillePen 12 (Touch) can be found at Mobile Solutions and Desktop Solutions on


BraillePen Write Software

This is the latest version of BraillePen Write.

Please download both the instructions and the setup file.

BraillePen Write installation instructions
BraillePen Write Installation file


BraillePen Write Keymaps

We will add new keymap files here as they are made. Each keymap file has an associated keystroke table, so you should give your users both files.
With each keymap come two text files:


where nn stands for the language of the keymap, and

BP12 remaining keystrokes.txt

These files give the available keystrokes for that keymap, that you can use to set up extra keystrokes using BPConfig.
Because the file containing the remaining BP12 (Touch) keystrokes is the same for every keymap, we haven’t added it to every line in the table below. It can be downloaded here:

BP12 remaining keystrokes.txt

To download right-click the file you need and then select Save As.

LanguageKeymap fileKeystrokesExtra keystrokes
English UKen-uk.kmfUK-keystrokes.pdfavailable-keystrokes-uk.txt
English USen-us.kmfUS-keystrokes.pdfavailable-keystrokes-us.txt
US-ASCIIus-ascii.kmfComing SoonComing Soon
keystroke table
Coming Soon
Polishpolska.kmfComing SoonComing Soon
keystroke table
Germande-at.kmfComing SoonComing Soon


BraillePen 12 (Touch) Firmware

We will announce new releases of the BraillePen 12 (Touch) firmware in Braillista.
Please make sure you take both the instructions and the firmware zip file.

BraillePen 12 (Touch) Update Instructions
BTProg for 64-bit Windows OS
BraillePen12 Firmware
BraillePen12 Touch Firmware
BraillePen12 Touch OHM Firmware (now full support by iOS 8)
Dual protocol BraillePen12 Touch Firmware (full cursor routing support for iOS 7 or lower)