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NVDA driver for BraillePen Slim

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Here is the NVDA Add-On driver that will support all BraillePen Slim:


To install please:

– save the BraillePen Slim NVDA add-on driver into a folder (note the name of your folder)
– Run NVDA and choose Tools -> Manage Add-Ons…
– In the dialog that will open please click „Install” and find the folder where you have placed BP driver, then confirm
– the driver will install and NVDA screen reader will reload
– after the driver is installed, in NVDA menu find Settings -> Braille settings…
– in the dialog that will open choose „Braillepen Slim driver” then click OK

Here is the Braille keyboard shortcut list: bphotkeys

We wish you success using the popular NVDA screen reader with the BraillePen Slim.