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BrailleBack on Android phones

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Pairing your Braille device

bbackbp12Pairing Braille device is simple and is similar  to any Bluetooth device pairing with the  phone. First step in using Braille with  BrailleBack is to pair the Braille display with  your Android powered Mobile device. Please check the documentation for your  Braille device to find out the passcode used  to connect with other devices. This may be  specific to the serial number of the Braille  device unit. Otherwise, you may use any  string of numbers, normally no shorter than  four digits, like 1234 which is the default  passcode used by most Bluetooth-enabled  devices. All Bluetooth devices use an authentication number when users attempt to establish a connection between them, thereby securing that connection. Follow the below steps to pair your display.

  1. Turn your braille device on and enable Bluetooth on the device.
  2. Switch on your BraillePen 12 (Touch)
  3. If they are not running yet, enable both TalkBack and BrailleBack on your mobile device. Both of these apps are located in Settings – Accessibility
  4. Pair your BraillePen 12 (Touch) with your mobile device
  5. Go to Settings – Bluetooth. Scroll down to see if your BraillePen is visible.
  6. If it is not listed use „Scan Devices” to let the device scan nearby Bluetooth devices.
  7. After few seconds, Scroll in the window to find your BraillePen 12 (Touch).
  8. It will prompt you to enter passcode / pin for the device.
  9. Enter 1 2 3 4
  10. Once your devices are paired, you should hear a beep in your BraillePen 12 (Touch) indicating you are connected to your mobile device and you can start controlling it with your BraillePen 12 (Touch)


Configuring Braille Display with BrailleBack

  1. Go to BrailleBack > Settings.
  2. You will find 3 sections there: Device, Braille, and Developer Options.
  3. Go to Braille > Braille Type and select between Literary and Computer Braille.
  4. Next move down to the Literary Braille Table and/or Computer Braille Table to set the correct language as well as contracted (grade 2) vs uncontracted (grade 1) Braille where available.
  5. Under the Developer Options you can set whether the Visual Braille is to be displayed at the bottom of the screen of your mobile device or not.
  6. To exit the Braille settings push Space + dots 1 2 (b) or Space + dots 1 2 5 (h) to go to the Home page


Available keystrokes

Pan rightRight Pan Key
Pan leftLeft pan Key
Navigate to the next itemJoystick right
Navigate to the previous itemJoystick left
Navigate to the next lineJoystick down
Navigate to the previous lineJoystick up
Scroll forwardSpace + Joystick down
Scroll backwardSpace + Joystick up
Long press the current itemSpace + Joystick Enter
Navigate to the top of the pageShift + Joystick up
Navigate to the bottom of the pageShift + Joystick down
Activate the current itemJoystick Enter
Long press the current itemSpace + Joystick Enter
Activate the back buttonSpace + dots 1 2
Activate the home buttonSpace + dots 1 2 5
Open the notifications windowSpace + dots 1 3 4 5
Open the recent apps windowSpace + dots 1 2 3 5
Activate the enter key when editing textSpace + Control
Delete backwards when editing textSpace + Shift
Navigate to next link/control/form field in web contentSpace + dots 1 4
Navigate to previous link/control/form field in web contentSpace + Shift + dots 1 4
Navigate to next list in web contentSpace + dots 2 4
Navigate to previous list in web contentSpace + Shift + dots 2 4
Toggle search on screen modeSpace + dots 3 4
HelpSpace + dots 1 2 3