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Talks on Symbian Phones

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bp12This section applies only to BraillePen 12. BraillePen Slim does not yet connect to Talks on a Symbian OS phone.

The BraillePen12 can display the screen contents of your Symbian phone running Talks, while you use the BraillePen12 keyboard to type notes, make calls and send SMS. Read on for all the information on how to set it up:


The BraillePen 12 Driver:

Click this link to download the driver for Symbian OS version 9.xx Check with your Talks supplier if you aren’t sure of the Symbian OS version on your phone.


Setting Up:

Talks must be installed and working on your phone before you begin; then follow these steps.

  • Turn Talks off.
  • Set Bluetooth on.
  • Turn your BraillePen12 on and wait for the triple-beep that tells you Bluetooth is active.
  • On your phone, pair the phone with the BraillePen12. When you are asked for the passcode, enter 1234.
  • If you are asked the question: „Authorise device to make connections automatically?” answer: yes.
  • Install the BP 12 braille driver you have downloaded from the link above. We recommend that you install the driver on your phone’s Memory Card.
  • Go into the Talks menu. Check the Braille tab; make sure that „Braille” is set to „BP 12 Driver”, and „Keep Braille on” is set to „Yes”.
  • Turn Talks on.


Your BraillePen is now ready to act as your input and output to your phone.

Tip: To make sure you can read messages and notes on the Braille display line by line, check that in the Advanced tab, the „Cursor Mode” setting is set to „Letters”.


Talks keystrokes:

soft key leftspace + shift
soft key rightspace + control
star keydots 3, 4
hash or pound keydots 3, 4, 5, 6
callcontrol + dot 5
end call control + dot 4
cursor downspace + dot 4
cursor left space + dot 3
cursor right space + dot 6
cursor up space + dot 1
enter (joystick enter)shift + space + control
menu space + dots 1, 3, 4
repeat the last phrasespace, control + dots 3, 4, 5, 6
read the names of the soft keys shift + control
give battery + network status information space + dots 2, 4, 5, 6
switch between key echo modesspace, control + dot 1
uppercase letter announcement on or offspace, control + dots 1, 2
turn the nato spelling alphabet on or off space, control + dots 1, 4
switch between punctuation modes space, control + dots 1, 4, 5
volume down space, control + dots 1, 5
volume upspace, control + dots 1, 2, 4
slower speechspace, control + dots 1, 2, 4, 5
faster speechspace, control + dots 1, 2, 5
speak time + datespace, control + dots 2, 4
open talks&zooms settings dialog space, control + dots 3, 5
turn speech off or on space, control + dot 6
backspace space + dots 1,2
delete space + dots 4,5
home space + dots 1,2,3
page down space + dots 3,4,5
page upspace + dots 1,2,6