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BraillePen 12 and BraillePen 12 Touch Menu

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BraillePen 12 Touch has its own internal menu. It allows you to customize certain settings. The settings are as follows:

  • Battery indicator
  • Sleep time x minutes
  • Feedback beep
  • Cursor delay (BP12T only)
  • Vibrate (BP12T only)
  • Cell test
  • Key test
  • Cursor test (BP12T only)
  • BT test (Bluetooth test)
  • Firmware version
  • Cbrd run
  • Exit

To enter the menu, Press space control immediately after you turn the unit on. Do not wait for any beeps or chirps. You navigate among the menu items by pressing Joystick up or down. When, for example, you want to check if all the Braille cells are in the good shape, go to the Cell Test, press space control and wait for the test to complete. When the test is complete, you will receive confirmation on the braille display reading Cells OK.

To exit the menu item, press space + control.

When you have made all the changes, exit the menu by moving down to EXIT and pressing Space Control or Joystick Enter.