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BraillePen 12 (Touch) Clipboard

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BraillePen 12 (Touch) has a built-in feature called the Clipboard. You can use it at any time without having to connect your keyboard with any device. Information entered from the Braille keyboard is saved immediately into the BraillePen’s memory. You can also review what you have typed using the two Pan keys. If needed, you can transfer the content of your Clipboard to a different device, e.g. iPhone, using the Bluetooth connection. It needs to be remembered that the data in the Clipboard is stored as a combination of the key presses rather than as characters, as it may affect the transfer process.

How to use the Clipboard

Switching on the Clipboard
To activate the Clipboard, turn your BraillePen 12 (Touch) on by pressing Space + dots 1 3. When your keyboard is ready, press simultaneously three keys, Left Pan + Shift + dot 3. The BraillePen 12 (Touch) will beep and now you can begin writing into the memory. The cursor is always put at the end of text. It means that regardless of what is displayed on the Braille line, entering any key combination will scroll the content to the end where new text is appended. The Clipboard can store up to 500 characters. When it is full, no more key strokes will be added and you will hear a short beep.

To delete a previous character, press Left Pan + dots 1 2 3. This combination functions just like Backspace on the PC keyboard.

Emptying the Clipboard
To remove the content from the Clipboard, press Left Pan + Right Pan + dots 123456. Remember that this operation cannot be reversed.

Exiting the Clipboard
To exit the Clipboard press Right Pan + Ctrl + dot 6. The BraillePen 12 (Touch) will beep. All your data will be automatically saved in the memory.

Browsing the Clipboard
To browse the content of the Clipboard, press the Left or Right Pan Key. Each press will advance the content by 12 characters left or right respectively. To move to the top or bottom of your text press the Left and Right Pan keys together.

Transferring data to an external device
To begin the data transfer to an external device both the BraillePen 12 (Touch) and the other device have to be switched on, paired, and active. An edit field must be running on your external unit, e.g. an edit box in the messaging application. When both of your units are ready, press Left Pan + Right Pan + Space. The transfer will begin. The data will be entered word by word. The transfer rate has been set to provide comfortable speed without compromising the correctness of the transferred data.

Using the Clipboard while working with an external device
It is still possible to use the Clipboard even when your BraillePen 12 (Touch) is connected to an external device. By default, this option is disabled. To enable it, you need to open the menu. First turn the BraillePen 12 (Touch) on and immediately after pressing Space + dots 1 3, press Space + Control. The Braille display will show the battery status. Using the Joystick Up/Down find option called „cbrd run off”. When it is displayed on the Braille line, press Joystick Action to activate the option, and then Joystick Down to change to „on”. Confirm your selection with Joystick Action. Now you can exist the BraillePen menu by arrowing to the Exit option and pushing down the joystick. From now on, you can run the Clipboard regardless of whether your BraillePen 12 (Touch) is connected or not to an external device. All you have to do is press Left Pan + Shift + dot 3 and you are ready to enter text to the Clipboard. The BraillePen 12 (Touch) will switch to an autonomous mode and the communication with an external device is suspended until you exit the Clipboard.

BP 12 (Touch) Clipboard keystrokes

Action Keystrokes
Switch on ClipboardLeft Pan + Shift + dot 3
Exit ClipboardRight Pan + Shift + dot 6
Delete (Backspace)Left Pan + dot 1 2 3
Empty ClipboardLeft Pan + Right Pan + dot 1 2 3 4 5 6
Transfer dataLeft Pan + Right Pan + Space
Pan leftLeft Pan key
Pan rightRight Pan key
Top/bottomLeft Pan key + Right Pan key