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BraillePen 12 Touch One-Handed Mode

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The BraillePen 12 Touch allows for one-hand operations. It goes even one step further by letting the user use only one finger to have a complete control of the unit and applications running on devices paired with the BP12T. In this mode the user can decide how they want to push the keys. You can either press every key separately, or press several keys together.

  1. Press and release the following keys in a sequence: Space, dot 1, dot 3, Space

This combination brings the One-Handed Mode. From now on use the following patterns to operate the BraillePen 12 Touch.

Writing in one-handed mode

  1. Press the dots of the character you want to write either sequentially or in combination. For example, if you want to write the letter n you can:
  • push and release one dot at a time: dot 1, dot 3, dot 4, dot 5.
  • push and release combinations of dots: dots 1 3, dots 4 5
  • push and release single dots and combinations: dot 1, dot 3, dots 4 5.
  1. After you have pushed all the dots, press the space key to insert the character.
  2. The method of making Braille characters is dependent only on your preferences.
  3. To make a space push the space key two times.

Commands in One-Handed Mode

  1. To cancel the current key combination push dot 1 three times.
  2. If you do a command that contains the space key, e.g. space + dots 1 2 5, and you want to push every single key separately, begin with pushing the space key once, followed by the dots, and finish with pushing space again. You can also push the space key with other keys in a sequence, e.g.: dot 1 2, dot 5 + space, followed by a space.
  3. The Joystick, routing keys, and Pan keys do not require a space key after they are pushed alone without any other keys.
  4. When used in a combination, the Joystick, routing keys, and Pan keys should not be pushed as the first key in the sequence . E.g. Delete (backspace) in the Clipboard – press dots 1 2 3 followed by the Left Pan key and space.
  5. To enter the BP12T Menu press and hold dot 7 right after you turn the unit on.

One-Handed Mode in the Clipboard

Action Keystrokes
Switch on Clipboard Space, dot 1, dot 3, Space
Exit Clipboard dot 6, dot7, Right Pan, Space
Delete (Backspace) dot 1, dot 2, dot 3, Left Pan, Space
Empty Clipboard dot 1, dot 2, dot 3, dot 4, dot 5, dot 6, Left Pan, Right Pan, Space
Transfer data Space, Left Pan, Right Pan, Space
Pan left Left Pan key
Pan right Right Pan key
Top/bottom Space, Left Pan, Space OR Space, Right Pan, Space
e.g. Use dot 6, dot 7, Right Pan, Space to exit the Clipboard.