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Moving the Cursor in your Applications

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BraillePen 12 Touch makes the system and application navigation efficient and convenient. You have three methods with which you can control text on your BraillePen 12 Touch braille display:

  1. Pan keys
  2. Rotor settings (with iOS devices)
  3. ActiveTouch Cursor Routing.

Although BraillePen 12 Touch is so compact and easy to work with, you can further improve your navigation by using ActiveTouch Cursor Routing. The system is based on a 12-channel Touch Sensor and does not require any physical routing keys. All you have to do is find the character on the braille dislplay that you would like to bring the cursor to, slide you finger towards the top of the braille cell and touch the sensor set in the ActiveTouch Sensor plate. You may feel a subtle vibration indicating that the cursor (dots 7 and 8) has been routed and you will start feeling the cursor blinking under your finger. The time needed to have your finger touch the sensor has been optimized to avoid accidental cursor routing and at the same time to ensure there are no delays in reading.

When you continue scrolling text using the Pan keys, the cursor stays put at the position you have routed it to. But once you wish to bring it to a new character, slide your finger up to touch the sensor and the cursor will be brought to its new location.

To activate the cursor routing indicator, go to menu (see BraillePen 12 Touch Menu section). Using the Joystick arrow down to Vibrate. Once you have found the setting you want to change, press Enter (Space + Control). You can select off, or you can incrementally change the duration of the vibration by 10 starting at 10 ms up to 200 ms. You make the selection by pushing the Joystick up or down. Press Enter again (Space + Control) to confirm the change. Follow the same steps to adjust the other cursor indicator setting and once your done, arrow down to Exit and press Joystick Down to exit the menu.

The requirements for cursor movement vary between the applications you will use, on your phone, tablet or PC, but we have included some cursor movement and text selection keystrokes to get you started.

To move the cursor in text, you will usually find that these keystrokes will work:

Control + dot 1 Left
Control + dot 4 Right
Control + dot 5Up
Control + dot 2Down

These keystrokes have the same effect in BraillePen Write, for instance, as if you used the Joystick to move the cursor.

To move word by word, press control while you move the Joystick: control + joystick left will move the cursor one word to the left, while control + joystick right will move the cursor one word to the right.

To select text, press shift + control + joystick right to select from the cursor to the end of the word.

Always check the keystrokes for your application to make sure you are using the correct ones..